Everest "Goddess Mother of the World"

29,035 ft.

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Nepal, Asia

The summit of Mt. Everest looms high above the surrounding peaks of Lohtse and Nuptse and straddles Tibet, China and Nepal.

Mt. Everest journal entry:
March 29, 2009

Why Everest?????
“For twenty years I taught elementary and special education in Steamboat Springs, CO.  My goal as a teacher was to help children believe in themselves and not be afraid to try.  Now it is my turn to learn that lesson.  In attempting a goal as lofty as Everest, I give myself permission to try.  I have to believe in myself, in order to live my dreams.  Sure, I may not always succeed at what I attempt, but there is no failure in that.  The success is in the journey…it is always in the journey.”