Kilimanjaro Leap of Faith Climb

“Carrying the light” of knowledge and understanding of Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson’s Disease to new levels, to the highest places.

The dynamic duo, 79 year-old Neal Schneider and daughter Lori climb Kilimanjaro together for a second time, 18 years after their first summit in 1993, on Neal’s 61st birthday.

We begin our Kilimanjaro quest at the Machame Gate, jumping off point for our monumental leap of faith. 10 with MS, 4 with PD, 14 companions including medical experts, two western guides, 11 Tanzanian guides, 136 porters, and one fabulous photographer…we are ready!

The soft glow of a late night tent competes with the glow from the stars above.

Hiking the dusty trails of the Machame route on ascent and the Mweka route on descent, we live our dream… one step at a time.

Climbing beyond the boundaries of our neurodegenerative diseases and perceived limitations is a mountainous task.

Lori summits Kilimanjaro for a second time as she makes an epic return journey with the Leap of Faith MS and PD team.

Summit of Kilimanjaro- July 18, 2011 Leap of Faith MS, PD, companion climbers, and medical team make history!

Elation at elevation.

Wild African game in all its glory, roam the spectacular parks of Tanzania throughout the Great Rift Valley, delighting our eyes and warming our hearts.

We experience the animal kingdom in a way few have ever seen, on our dramatic sunset safari through the Serengeti Plains.

Kilimanjaro Leap of Faith photos courtesy of our award winning Kilimanjaro photographer, Jeff Rennicke.

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