7,308 ft.

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NSW, Australia

Those who claim Kosciuszko is just an easy, pleasant stroll, should attempt it during a blizzard in July!

Mount Kosciuszko journal entry: 
July 10, 2008

Severe Weather Warnings:

Blizzard Conditions
40-57 MPH winds
2 ft. of new snow

Guide Mike picks us up at the hotel.  The weather reports for the day are awful.  Heavy snows predicted, as well as gale force winds and zero visibility.  We proceed up the mountain to see if conditions will change as we make the 45 min. drive to Thredbo Village.  When the mountain patrol  asks us where we are going, and Mike tells him the summit, he gives us a discouraging look as if we are crazy to venture out into the gale force wind.  Seeing our determination, he requests that we call him when we get back down.