Elbrus "Little Antarctica"

18,510 ft.


Caucasus Mountain Range, Russia, Europe

Mount Elbrus is the highest peak in Europe.  It is part of the Caucasus Mountain Range in Russia, which stretches from the Black Sea in the Northwest to the Caspian Sea in the Southeast.  The range forms both a geological divide and cultural barrier between Europe and Asia.  Mount Elbrus is a volcanic cone rising above the Baksan Valley.

Mount Elbrus journal entry:
August 10, 2002

“How do I begin to describe a climb that speaks to me in so many ways?  It is another of the "Seven Summits", the highest peak in all of Europe.  It is that high adventure that sparks life into my soul.  On yet another level, it is a challenge to my MS and physical limitations.  On the deepest level, it is a time to begin healing from my mother’s death, only 5 devastating weeks ago."